Packaging Line Design & Engineering Services from Right Stuff Equipment

Right Stuff Equipment offers packaging line design and other engineering services from our highly skilled engineering team. Our mechanical and electrical engineers can provide you many services to make your production line run efficiently and profitably. We can even bring your idea for a custom machine to life through our design and fabrication capabilities.


Our capabilities range from machine and packaging line design to complete installation and commissioning.

All of these services are available through our in-house team:


  • Design of equipment in Solid Works
  • Layout & packaging line design
  • Line balancing and constraint analysis
  • Integration of complex systems
  • AutoCAD drawings tailored to your facilities and including power and air drops
  • Controls systems
  • Equipment Installation
  • Commissioning of equipment
  • Operator and maintenance training
  • PM programs

Right Stuff Equipment’s Engineering Project Review Process and Packaging Line Design Has Been Proven Over Many Years


Our expertise is in all areas of packaging automation, including packaging line design. Whether your product goes into a box, bag, tray, carton, bottle can, jug or any other type of package, we can handle the job. We specialize in food, beverage, supplement equipment as well as industrial and agricultural types of products. Our focus is stainless steel equipment, so we understand the need for sanitary design and construction.

When RSE takes on your project, we will work closely with you to make sure all the up-front questions are asked and understood. No one wants surprises at the end of the project, so we take our customers through careful due diligence to understand your true needs. We won’t over sell or limit your capacity by providing a system that does not meet your requirements. We have extensive background in real-world production, so we understand budgets, timelines, and will always give you honest opinions and answers to your inquiries. We have a full-service, custom machine and fabrication shop on-site. This allows us to support your needs with less outsourcing, and a thoughtful, integrated team approach to your project.

Considering your options for packaging line design and engineering services? Contact Right Stuff Equipment at 303.327.4704, or Email Us for more information about packaging line design and other engineering services.