Dry Filling System Equipment

Right Stuff Equipment offers a variety of dry filling system machinery to address specific production needs and processing speeds. Check out our options.


Counting Line

Counting Line Machinery
This equipment is designed to place a certain number of pieces into a bottle or jar of capsules, tablets, soft gels, candy & gummies.


This equipment can perform multiple functions, including filling, counting, capping, sealing, labeling, and more. Options are based on product, package, space constraints, and speeds required.


Powder Filling Line

Powder Filling Line – This machinery is designed to accurately meter powder-based products into a bottle or tub, Ideal for protein powders, dietary supplements, bakery mixes, industrial powders & more.


Three basic systems available: Entry-level, Mid-level & High-speed. We offer a number of different options depending on the powder’s flow properties, and whether they cake, clump, or stick.