Integrated Counting Line

Entry, Mid-level & High-speed

An integrated counting line is a series of multiple pieces of manufacturing equipment that together count a certain number of pieces into a bottle or jar. Typical products being counted are capsules, tablets, and soft gels, but others can use this same system, too. The counting lines offered by RSE are not so much a single machine but a balanced system to get your product into the bottle. We select from a number of OEMs to get you the best value combination of machines to meet your requirements. The equipment selected for the integrated counting line system need to be balanced to achieve the targeted output for your product types. We have three basic integrated counting line systems: Entry-level, Mid-Level, and High Speed. Actual speeds delivered from each system will vary depending on the product and counts per bottle so we will base estimated speeds on a standard of: Bottles per minute with a size O capsule in a 60-count bottle.

Entry Level: 15-20

Mid-Level: 30-60

High Speed: 60-100

Some of the variance in the speed projections will be impacted by which options are chosen for the line. In each of the systems, we present a typical combination of machines. However, there are a number of options that might be ‘nice to have’ or required depending on your bottle and cap sizes. A detailed RFQ is needed in order to make sure each piece and the entire system is right for you. Feel free to call to review that process or simply download the RFQ form, fill it out, and send it back. The lines depicted on this page are typical but not universal for the various speeds.

  • Counting Tablets
  • Counting Capsules
  • Counting Soft Gels
  • Counting Gummies
  • Counting Candies

From bottle unscrambling to final accumulation of product with tamper evident seals and lot information on your bottle.

  • Unscramble
  • Single File
  • Fill/Count
  • Inspect
  • Cotton Insertion
  • Cap
  • Induction Seal
  • Lot & Date Code
  • Label
  • Neck Band
  • Accumulation

There are many options based on your product, package, space constraints and speeds required. An RFQ and discussion will determine the right options to include in the line.

Single phase and three phase machines will be included. Exact requirements are dependent on the machines selected.

Air is also typically required. Exact requirements are dependent on the machines selected.

Parts are inventoried in Denver and normally available to ship same or next day. Please provide us with the machine model and serial number, as well as a part number. That way we can get your parts needs handled quickly! Service is available on the phone or on site by our engineering team. For Parts or Service needs, contact Right Stuff Equipment at 303.327.4704, or Email Us.

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