6 experts to consult when making packaging or design decision’s


6 experts to consult when making packaging or design decision’s

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Packaging decisions early on can have a dramatic effect on the ability to automate as you grow. Marketing will agree that packaging design and function is critical to a brand and is so very important to make your product stand out on the shelf from all the others. However, unique carton designs, nonstandard labeling applications or specialized bottle shapes may look amazing but these are often a big problem later on when you decide to automate your production line in part or in total. It is important to ask several experts some basic questions before making that final choice of packaging.

6 Experts you should consider consulting:

  1. You are the first expert-Find out what others in your product segment are using for packaging and see if there is a consistent theme. Is everyone else using a similar type of packaging material or style of package? If yours is vastly different then you may need to re-think your choice or accept the challenges that lie ahead and the reality that automation may not even be possible.
  2. Graphic Designer-Work with a graphic designer that has experience in your particular market segment. Ask them what challenges they have seen with similar applications.
  3. Packaging Supplier-Use an experienced packaging supplier that is an expert in the type of consumable (bottle, film, labels, cup, carton or case) you plan to use. There are many packaging suppliers that don’t understand all of the unique features and complexities of the numerous types of packaging options available.
  4. Equipment Manufacturer-Consult an equipment manufacturer and ask if they can take a few minutes of their time to explain the typical equipment solution or solutions for your application. You will probably learn more than you wanted to but it will be well worth the education and will make you a savvy equipment buyer when you are ready to automate.
  5. FDA Labeling Expert-Spend the time to chat with an FDA labeling information expert. They know what information is required by the FDA and for your type of product. They can keep you out of hot water.
  6. Food Scientists– can be crucial in helping you make that correct packing choice for the product. They look at this from a different perspective and have valuable insight. Consult with one if you haven’t already.


Right Stuff Equipment as an equipment manufacturer works closely with all experts in each field above to help you make the correct packaging choice for your current needs and future growth into automation. If you would like a referral for one of the experts listed above or have question or comments please call 303-327-4704 or email info@rightstuffequipmet.com  and we can help direct you to some of the best resources in the business.