Custom Packaging Machinery & Fabrication Services

Denver based Right Stuff Equipment offers custom packaging machinery &  fabrication services, using our in-house machine shop and fabrication shop. Our custom packaging machinery fabrication team provides a wide range of services for our customers, including:


  • RSE packaging machinery (Tray formers, VFFS, Material Handling Equipment & Filling equipment)
  • OEM packaging machinery modification as needed
  • On-site machine work & welding
  • Custom design & custom packaging machinery fabrication services
  • Guarding on legacy packaging machines
  • Hoppers, stands & conveyors to meet your requirements

Right Stuff Equipment designs are developed by our engineers using Solid Works and then are transferred to our skilled operations group for cutting and forming on the latest CNC equipment. Then our team of expert welders and assemblers put it all together.


Here’s a quick look at examples of our work in custom packaging machinery design, fabrication, and installation.

Custom Packaging Machinery Fabrication | Incline Conveyor | Right Stuff Equipment Denver Colorado USA

Incline Conveyor Design

Our engineers developed a custom incline conveyor design with a built-in metal detector that had to meet detailed specifications to address the customer’s needs.

Custom Packaging Machinery Fabrication | Bulk Bag Loading System | Right Stuff Equipment Denver Colorado USA

Bulk Bag Unloading System

The RSE team worked with a customer to develop a bulk bag unloading system.

Custom Packaging Machinery Fabrication | Equipment Platform | Right Stuff Equipment Denver Colorado USA

Equipment Platform

We developed this equipment platform to integrate into a customer’s production line.

If you’re researching options for custom packaging machinery fabrication, please Email Us or call 303.327.4704.