Free Information on How to Buy Packaging Equipment from Right Stuff Equipment

Understanding how to buy packaging equipment that’s right for your production and your business is an important decision. It will impact your bottom line for years to come, so it should be made only after careful investigation. The details of your product and equipment functions are critical, and without the right experience, it’s easy to miss details that can cause poor line performance. Each type of machine typically has Request for Quote (RFQ) documentation that walks you through of the critical aspects of the machine and the product to be run.


Our best advice: Don’t buy packaging equipment without going through the critical RFQ process!

Please browse the content below and check back periodically for more information on savvy strategies on how to buy packaging equipment that’s the right investment for your business.

Material Handling Equipment Information

Form, Fill & Seal Equipment Information

Tray Forming Equipment Information

Liquid Filling System Information

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