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Right Stuff Equipment designs and manufactures a variety of packaging line conveyors. Our focus is on customers who produce food, beverage, supplement, and personal care products. Whether you are moving raw product, packaged goods, bottles etc., we can handle your requirements.

We understand the demands of the industries served and have designed our conveyors to optimize performance, efficiency and safety as well as meeting the requirements of third-party audits. We offer a wide variety of belt styles, frames, motors, drives and mounting configurations to suit your needs.

We can provide anything from a single straight section to a complete system including controls to route products successfully through the plant. Raw materials and packaged goods usually need to be transported through a production or packaging line with many pieces of equipment performing different functions. This sometimes means starting and stopping product on the conveyor or changing speeds or elevation. Our conveyors can move products efficiently throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Pre-packaged goods
  • Bottles, cans, jars, & tubs
  • Raw materials/ingredients
  • Clean and efficient
  • Properly calculated to handle your product type, load and speed requirements
  • Sanitary as needed
  • Custom designed to meet your specific needs
  • Efficiently transports your raw or packaged products
  • Variable Speed
  • Elevation changes
  • Sanitary frame design for easy cleaning
  • Wash-down motors
  • Elevation change
  • All styles of belts
  • Motor type and placement
  • Product transfers on and off belts
  • Mounting brackets for additional components
  • Controls for stopping and starting
  • E Stops
  • Pin indexing systems
  • 120,220 V Single phase
  • 230, 480 V 3 phase
  • Air typically not required

Parts are inventoried in Denver and normally available to ship same or next day. Please provide us with the machine model and serial number, as well as a part number. That way we can get your parts needs handled quickly! Service is available on the phone or on site by our engineering team. For Parts or Service needs, contact Right Stuff Equipment at 303.327.4704, or Email Us.

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