AER Satellite Tray Forming Equipment

10-18,16-26, 22-34, 22-44, 30-48

For more than 50 years, A.E. Randles manufactured reliable, heavy-duty tray formers with about 2.000 of them operating around the world making a variety of tray styles.  A.E. Randles became a “Go-To” Source for manufacturers that needed to produce trays at relatively high speeds. In 2015, Right Stuff Equipment acquired the company and brought production to the Denver site.

Right Stuff Equipment now manufactures the entire line of tray formers, tooling sets, and stocks a full complement of parts. Full service and support are provided by our customer service and in-house engineering teams. The Cam-driven design means the machines are quiet, reliable, and require low maintenance. There are no pneumatics to maintain or replace. The result is the highest level of Operational Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the owner.

  • Bakery
  • Frozen Foods
  • Beverages
  • Candy Boxes
  • Golf Ball Boxes
  • Greeting Cards
  • Hardware
  • Pet Food
  • AB Controls
  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Fully Guarded
  • Cam Driven
  • Flexible-Many tray styles can run on the same machine with tooling changes
  • Reliable-Low Maintenance Required
  • Becker Vacuum Pumps
  • Nordson Glue Systems used for Hot Melt Applications

The AER Satellite Tray Former is designed to erect cartons or trays from flat stock. Locking or glue style cartons or trays can be produced on the former at speeds up to 60 CPM. (carton depending)

  • Cam Driven System
  • Quick Change Tooling
  • Carton on Demand Sensor System
  • Photo Eye to Feed Every other Carton
  • Air Eject System for High Speed Set-up (Required for Cartons with a Lid)
  • Variable Speed
  • Fully Guarded and Safety Inter-Locked
  • 440V Electrical System
  • Vacuum Venturi System in Lieu of Vacuum Pump
  • Frame Base to Raise Former Over 10″
  • 120/240 V, 1-3 Phase main motor
  • 24 Volt DC Control Panel
  • Complies with UL and CE Standards

Parts are inventoried in Denver and normally available to ship same or next day. Please provide us with the machine model and serial number, as well as a part number. That way we can get your parts needs handled quickly! Service is available on the phone or on site by our engineering team. For Parts or Service needs, contact Right Stuff Equipment at 303.327.4704, or Email Us.

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