Material Handling Equipment

Denver, Colorado-based Right Stuff Equipment offers an extensive set of options for material handling equipment for food, beverage & supplement processing. With an in-house engineering staff, fabrication team & project managers, we can provide custom & OEM machines plus the expertise & knowledge to integrate machines to create the optimal processing-packaging line for your products. Here’s a look at the material handling equipment that we offer:

Accumulation Tables

Accumulation Tables – Our heavy-duty material handling accumulation tables are heavy-duty and durable because they’re welded (vs. bolted) for maximum strength. Stainless steel provides a surface finish that’s sanitary and easy to clean. Variety of models available in many diameters.

Material Handling Equipment | Accumulation Tables

Bucket Elevators & Incline Conveyors

Bucket Elevators – Our bucket elevators allow for the gentle transfer of materials or products from one elevation to another. They can be used for a wide variety of products, including raw materials and packaged food products.

Incline Conveyors – We offer standard and custom incline conveyors to meet a variety of needs, when materials or products need to be moved from one elevation to another to continue processing or packaging. We also have the capability of mounting metal detector heads onto the conveyors. Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction makes for a durable, long-lasting piece of equipment.

Material Handling Equipment | Bucket and Incline Elevators

Carts & Platforms

Custom Material Carts – Our array of custom carts are designed to hold or transport tooling or parts in and out of “clean” areas. These carts help prevent unexpected downtime and prevent loss or damage for lines that require frequent disassembly or cleaning.

Material Handling Equipment | Carts

Equipment Platforms – We build platforms in standard and custom sizes for different purposes. Choose from stairs, ladders, or ships ladders for platform access. Carbon, aluminum, or stainless decking available. Made in the USA at our Denver, Colorado facility.

Material Handling Equipment | Platforms


Processing & Packaging Conveyors – Our packaging & processing line conveyors are ideal for food, beverage, supplement, and personal care products. Many belt styles, frames, motors, drives, and mounting configurations are available.

Material Handling Equipment | Conveyers

Hugger Transfer Belts

Hugger Belts – Our hugger belts help keep products from tipping over when moving through a production or packaging line. Handles a variety of speeds, as well as sizes & shapes of containers.

Material Handling Equipment | Hugger Transfer Belts

Unscrambling Tables

Unscrambling Tables – Ideal for food, beverage & supplement processing, our unscrambling tables can handle bottles, jars, and tubs. Heavy-duty welded frames will last a lifetime & provide a sanitary surface.

Material Handling Equipment | Unscrambling Tables