Tray Former Tooling

For more than 50 years, A.E. Randles made reliable, heavy duty tray formers and tray forming tooling for manufacturers. With almost 2,000 formers and tray former tooling placed around the world, they were a Go To source. In 2015, Right Stuff Equipment acquired this company with so much history.

We have many options of  tray former tooling that can ship with your next tray forming machine. Tooling sets are perfectly aligned when you receive them with your new machine or as an individual set of tooling for a new carton design to run in your existing machine.


Tooling Styles include:

  • Stripper Lock Tray
  • Stripper Lock with 3 Flap Lid
  • Simplex Bottom Lock
  • Simplex Corner Lock
  • Simplex Frame View
  • Hot Melt Glue Style 3 Flap Lid
  • Hot Melt Glue Style Tray

  • Bakery
  • Frozen Foods
  • Beverages
  • Candy Boxes
  • Golf Ball Boxes
  • Greeting Cards
  • Hardware

Tooling sets are all custom fitted for your tray style. You provide us with the die lines of the tray and we will make the tooling to those dimensions. We always thoroughly test in our Denver shop on a test machine before shipping to assure a perfect fit.

  • Stainless Construction
  • Cam Driven Closing Systems
  • Quick Change Tooling
  • Multiple Tooling Styles Available
    • Stripper Lock Tray
    • Stripper Lock with 3 Flap Lid
    • Simplex Bottom Lock
    • Simplex Corner Lock
    • Semi Frame View
    • Full Frame View
    • Glue Style 3 Flap Lid
    • Glue Style Tray

Tooling requires no additional power but can require air based on options chosen.

Parts are inventoried in Denver and normally available to ship same or next day. Please provide us with the machine model and serial number, as well as a part number. That way we can get your parts needs handled quickly! Service is available on the phone or on site by our engineering team. For Parts or Service needs, contact Right Stuff Equipment at 303.327.4704, or Email Us.

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